Online Classes

These online courses, deliver a focused, cost-effective learning environment directly to your office or home. Bryan Meyers personally leads these live classes online, giving you great interaction that will help you understand the concepts, at the moment you need it the most.
– Live, interactive, instructor-led sessions
– Participate from your own computer — at home or at work
– No travel hassles or expenses

There are currently no public classes scheduled, but private online classes are available.
Contact Bryan Meyers for available dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Programming in RPG IV

This introductory RPG IV programming workshop presents RPG IV (ILE RPG/400) from start to finish. If you’re new to RPG, this class is for you. It covers all the language’s specifications and structures. The...

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RPG IV for RPG Programmers

RPG Programmer Alert: Your existing RPG III skills are outdated; the last RPG III enhancement happened more than a decade ago. Modern RPG applications are written using RPG IV (aka ILE RPG/400). Bryan’s introductory...

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IBM i Concepts & CL Programming

The IBM i Concepts & CL Programming online presentation introduces overall IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) concepts, including object architecture, user interface, and basic work management concepts. In addition to providing a comprehensive introduction to...

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